Assess a little, teach a little, assess a little, teach a little and give feedback along the way.

PLT Cycle Visual 2014

  1. Merely allocating additional time does not mean that it will be spent on the deficient sub-skill.
  2. Just because diagnostic testing occurs does not mean that instruction will be directed to the deficient sub-skill.
  3. Directing instruction to the deficient sub-skill is fundamentally different than re-teaching the morning’s lesson.
  4. Teaching to the deficient sub-skill requires nimbleness, flexibility, and a high level of ability to adapt material (or create it, if necessary) for the targeted student.

Fielding, L, Kerr, N, & Rosier, P. (2008).

“Professional Development is not a workshop; it is the work place” -DuFour and Eaker, 1999

Friday PLC Time Expectations for Coos Bay School District

District PLT Structure

PLT-  A group of educators who share a common course, grade or student learning goal working interdependently and collaboratively using data, common formative assessments, CCSS or state standards and research-based strategies to achieve a specific SMART student learning goal which addresses a student performance deficiency.  Usually, this is a periodic 1-1.5 hour meeting regarding a student performance deficiency, considering student learning data and resulting in a brief but practical action plan which will be completed during remaining allocated PLT and/or planning time. This meeting is always recorded for future reflection/tracking of efforts for improvement.  The focus of PLts is school improvement through teamwork as opposed to individual class improvement.  Activities associated with PLTs include aligning grade level or content area curriculum to CCSS, vertical and horizontal alignment, assessment item and strand analysis, strategizing for increased use of best practices, organizing interventions and professional development geared toward solving a specific student performance deficiency.

Planning Time/ Team Time- This is time allocated in a teacher’s daily schedule for tasks such as determining responsibilities during an assembly or field trip, meeting with a teacher to discuss shared lesson plans or scope and sequence, PBS planning, consulting with staff about a student behavior issue and calling a parent.

Prep- This is time allocated for preparing to teach. This may happen on or off campus and includes developing lessons, studying content, correcting tests or gathering materials.

CBD9 Priority Standards

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